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About Mr. Bierman

Introduction to David J. Bierman, Neutral

Prior to becoming a full time mediator, Mr. Bierman ran a dynamic civil litigation law firm located in the Wallingford/ Greenlake area of Seattle, Washington. For over fifty years, Bierman Law Firm and its predecessors prided themselves in assisting their clients in navigating through the maze of litigation and alternative dispute resolution.  Mr. Bierman litigated cases in State and Federal Court and argued before the Washigton State Court of Appeals and Superme Court.  He served as an arbitrator in over 250 cases in King and Snohomish Counties and mediated hundreds of cases as an attorney for one of the parties.  He also served on the Professionalism and Legal Assistants Committees of the King County Bar Association.  Mr. Bierman has now chosen to focus on being strictly a neutral and handling mediations.

Mr. Bierman has vast experience as both defense and plaintiff’s counsel and this duel perspective gives him the unique view of “both sides of the coin” in every situation and the ability to facilitate fair resolutions in each individual case.  “Getting the parties to yes” is what David does best.  Using 29 years of litigating cases from “A-Z”, David pulls from this reservoir of experience to guide the ultimate resolution of almost any case or scenario brought to him.

Mr. Bierman has a keen willingness to listen and find creative solutions in mediation that suit every party, Let David Bierman help you reach across the divide and resolve your disputes.