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“I have known and worked with David Bierman for many years. He is someone I admire and respect. David is an excellent attorney in that he cares about representing his clients well and treats all his cases with a high degree of integrity. He has a great ability for managing others as well as leading. David is also a great mentor to many young individuals who are starting a law career. He is also well respected by others in his field. I am a contract paralegal and have known and worked with many attorneys over the past thirty years and David is well liked, well respected and admired by many.”

Deborah Chapman

“My experience with David is that he is a very knowledgeable and capable attorney. He is able to quickly identify and deal with the primary issues of a case in a professional manner.”

Don VanSpybrock

“It is an honor to recommend Mr. David Bierman who I have worked with in two critical areas. First, David served as a manager for a youth soccer team that I coached. His responsibilities included all phases of running this small business enterprise from scheduling, communicating with families, ensure that all paperwork was completed and filed as per Washington State Youth Soccer and Lake Washington Youth Soccer rules and regulations, organizing tournament applications and lodging, and overseeing all of the team's functions. In his managerial duties David was first rate. His communication with me and all families was excellent. His planning and organization were similarly top notch and his positive spirit and interaction with me and the families set the tone for our very successful year. Thorough, attentive to detail and high quality are appropriate descriptions of David's work and his impact on the organization was a model for others to emulate.

My second interaction with David involved the resolution of a dispute. In this matter I asked David to represent me as an attorney and the initiative brought us together for several meetings and extensive correspondence. Throughout the process I found David to be extremely intelligent and his excellent communication skills and willingness to mentor me with regards to the law and law practice made for a most interesting ordeal. Not only was the resolution successful, but David managed to provide insights and advice that made the experience very rich and rewarding. David is a highly respected professional who would bring intelligence, excellent communication skills and a great perspective to any organization. I recommend him highly!  David has been a sounding board and mentor for me.”

Todd Schilperoort

“David brings exceptional skills and judgment to the resolution of complex and contentious legal controversies. Over the years I have worked both together with David, and on opposing sides. He consistently maintains a high level of professionalism while sparing no effort to offer imaginative and cost effective legal solutions. Anyone choosing David as a mediator or as legal counsel will find themselves very well served indeed”

-       Peter Brown,



“David did an incredible job.  I'll be singing his praises.”

-       Tom Bierlien,